FOR SALE:  prices listed below are negotiable!

Queen Size Jennifer Convertible Sofabed

Plum chenille with reversible pillows

Top of the line Sealy mattress

Plus:  egg crate and sheets thrown in for free!


Full size mattress, boxspring, and frame (frame can be extended to fit queen)

Bonus:  sheets for free!


Leather barrel chair

Ivory leather, good condition


Bar, Secretary’s desk, End table with built in lamp, Solid pine Coffee table

Each only $50.

Discounts for multiple purchases!

Wicker chest with brass fixtures.


6 drawer tall dresser

Fully assembled


Wood desk and chair

Two open compartments and two file drawers

Desktop is shadow-box style

3 pieces total.


3 drawer low dresser

Fully assembled


Stationary bike

Great for home spinning class or rehab.  New chain, excellent condition


AIWA sound system

2 tape decks

3 cd changer

record player (needs new rubber band)

2 speakers, remote control, great sound

Audio in for iPod play


Brass lamps

Ivory tulip shades

$65/each or 2 for $100



Links to pictures of San Francisco, Berkeley, Napa, Calistoga, Sonoma

Enjoy! And please let me know if anything stands out. I’m learning how to use my new camera!



8.10.07 & 8.11.07

8.12.07 & 8.13.07

Tell me more, tell me more…

I didn’t give LA it’s due time in print. For several reasons.
1. I was always on the go and when I wasn’t, I was sleeping.
2. Some of what happens in LA, stays in LA. Yeah, you read that right.
3. I was afraid to drunk blog.

Here goes though: a brief rundown of my week in the town where they don’t throw their garbage away. They make it into television shows. (-Woody Allen)

I arrived Tues, Lisa picked me up, we had a refreshing lunch in the valley at Aroma Cafe and I realized I could not wear jeans or sneakers for the rest of the week. Verboten! Tuesday evening we swung by the Stone Rose at the Sofitel. It was quiet, but Lisa and I got to chat, and considering we hadn’t seen each other in…oh…15 months- it was perfect. Sapphire and sodas all the way.

Wednesday we drove down to Manhattan beach and I managed a whole hour and 45 minutes in the sun without complaining. Also didn’t get burned. Woohoo! That night we hit Whiskey Blue at the W Westwood, the Lodge for a quickie app, then Mood and topped the night off at Crimson. More Sapphire, more soda.

Thursday I had lunch with my dear friend (and former boss) Mark. He also took me to a crazy store called WACKO. They have everything for everyone. Except the minimalist. For the NYCers reading this blog, think Ricky’s on a psychedelic trip, plus an art gallery. Got Fred a birthday present. Patted self on back for only being 2 months late with Fred’s birthday present. Rescinded pat when realized that I still am delinquent on Jessica’s birthday present. As well as my beautiful little nephew Ian’s. Uh ohhhhh…. Thursday night was a sick night out with the girls. Six girls, to be exact. Six HOT HOT girls. And the nicest chicas west of Reno. Whatever. We grabbed a drink at Bella, met somebody’s friend with a table at Opera, and then ended up at Les Deux. If you’ve ever stood outside waiting to get into a club, let’s say Bungalow or Stereo, you have only experienced the half of it. Les Deux is smoking. It’s half inside-half outside, and it’s the place to be, if you want to be in a place. (Mind you, my favorite place is often snuggled up at home, but we’ll leave that for another time.) Inside I was introduced to Cuttino Mobley (I had NO idea who he was, and to be honest, I had to pee, so I kindof disappeared quickly), danced a bit, and then called it a night. Lisa had an interview early on Friday.

Friday, Lisa nailed the interview and was offered the job on the spot. No surprise, kiddies- the girl is brilliant and fabulous, they’d have been crazy to not hire her. We went with Mesha to the Standard downtown for lunch, had a very typical LA lunch (could the waiter have cared less? no.), and then spent the next 3 hours hanging out in the awesomatic circular waterbed pods by the pool on the roof of the standard. Oh, how I wish this were my regular life. We giggled for hours, daddies! Friday night we went back to the Lodge, this time for what amounted to a 10 course dinner. Sick. No, actually, delish. It was at The Lodge, that night, that I had my first taste of heaven. It’s called Burrata. Find it in your local cheese shop. It still gives me chills to say its name. Burrata…ohhhhhh…..Burrata….

Saturday, I gave my stomach muscles a break and Lisa and I drove down to Newport Beach to meet my friend Jen and go out on one of her family’s boats. It was so serene, and if you’ve read the post about the “oops”, you know I have no pictures to prove I was ever there. All I can say is go. As fast as you can. If I could find a place that was half Newport Beach and half Sonoma, I’d move there tomorrow. If you know of a place that fits that description and you are holding out on me, then you are no longer my friend. Saturday night Lisa and I went to her friend Erin’s boyfriend’s birthday party at Les Deux. Erin’s boyfriend is a professional tennis coach. Which means his friends are all professional or former professional tennis players. Which means they like to dance. Ridiculous amounts of fun. Ridiculous amounts of vodka too.

Sunday I was a lazybutt. Also a hangoverbutt. However, by 6pm I was up for more. Which was good timing, because that’s precisely the hour we had to be at the screening of a short film that she acted in. It’s called Reaper. It’s EXCELLENT. The guys involved on the producing end are top notch. This baby’s going to Sundance. The barbecue following the screening was at the director’s house and it was so perfect. Delicious food and smart, funny, engaging company. Who could ask for anything more? The people in LA have far exceeded my expectations. They’ve exceeded my expectations for “LA types”, but also for people in general. I’m truly impressed at how intelligent, gracious, and appealing everyone I met was. I really mean everyone.

Monday we had a nice brunch, spent some time with one Reaper’s producers going over notes and checking out the trailer, and before I knew it, I was back in Burbank and on my way to NYC.

Vacation in California went by WAY to fast…Que Sera, Sarah!

Jet Blew Too

I guess the plane karma-police didn’t like my first post about Jet Blue.  My flight back to NYC was easily in the top three worst flights I’ve ever been on.  Aside from my seatmate, who rivaled Mr. Spread-Them-Out in lack of courtesy, was delirious on vodka and Unisom, and smelled like the cologne counter at JC Penny, the actual flight was so turbulent that even I resorted to prayer.  I do wonder if such prayer is effective, since it’s rare that I ever utter the verse.  I’m hoping G-d sees my religious commitment as less of a “use it when you need it” thing, and more of a “don’t waste G-d’s valuable resources calling on G-d when G-d’s got so much other work to do, but when the shit really hits the fan, please come-a-knocking.  Or praying.”  Nevertheless, I made it to the ground safely, and for that I’m very grateful.  To everyone involved.  I did manage to pick up a very ugly case of strep throat in the 6 hours on-board.  It spent about 1/2 a day incubating, and by Tuesday night I was zombified.  I spent Wednesday morning in the hospital (in case you want to know who spends Wednesday morning in NYC hospitals, it’s drunk people- had I known that this was the trendy place to be I may have spent more of my early 20’s there myself.)  The nurse recognized me among the truly ill (maybe it was the 102 degree fever radiating from my head?) and allowed me to jump the line and be seen by the first doctor who strolled in…at 10:15am.  He was about 24 years old.  It was clear to me that he hadn’t had much practice dealing with sober people, not to mention women, because he fell over his words asking me what was wrong with me until I convinced him to maybe use that little flashlight thingy and look in my throat.  It’s a good thing he was so cute.  He was clearly new to his craft.  I’ll call him McGreeny.

So my time in NYC has been spent in bed.  Not the good kind of “in bed.”  I head back to Boston tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to being home-sweet-home.


So I’m on my way to Newport Beach with Lisa to join my friend Jen and her sisters on their Whaler.  Got my bikini, got my book and towel, got my camera.  We’re out on the boat and it’s incredible.  Jen’s sisters steer us out to see the seals, who are laying about and I pulled out my camera to take their pics and- no battery!  I’m a genius…I’m out in one of the most beautiful places on earth, and my camera battery isn’t charged!  Ah well.  It’s a memory to me- and I totally recommend the trip to everyone else.  Newport Beach is STUNNING.  You think I can get a job at a firm there?  hmmm….

Where the beautiful people live…

LA is full of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve spent a handful of time here over the years, so I already knew this tidbit, but I’m still in awe…and Lisa, my darling little sister, is among them. Also, all her friends are stone cold foxes.
It’s ridiculous, honestly. Since Tuesday, I’ve been to every hot-spot LA has to offer: Stone Rose, Whiskey Blue, Les Deux, The Lodge, Mood, Crimson, Opera, who knows where else, there’s so much Sapphire and Grey Goose in my veins and I’ve been dancing for 3 days straight.